TTPM – Natural Wool Cat Cave Review (Walking Palm)

What It Is
Walking Palm’s Cat Caves are way different than any cat bed you have ever seen. In keeping your cat’s health and natural tendencies in mind, this cocoon becomes an irresistible oasis for your four-legged loved one. Leave those boring ‘ol cat beds in the past where they belong. And these are lovingly handmade in Nepal, by what Walking Palm calls their extended business family (they themselves are based in TN). Paying their Katmandu extended family 200% of the average wage, proving that honesty and dependability are two strong pillars of their business practice.

Why Is It Useful?
Even though Clawd is a large size cat, he was able to fit into these confines with plenty of room to spare. They are comfortable, yet not claustrophobic.

Who It’s For
Back to the cats and specifically my boy Clawd. He loves to burrow himself into dark and cozy spaces already. And now with these cat caves, instead of me searching all over the house for his hidey-hole, this cave means I know exactly where he is hanging out. And with the collapsible nature of the cave, if your cat prefers to lay on top of things, this can also be the purrfect fit for your feline family.

What To Be Aware Of
This Cat Cave will be your cat’s new favorite thing. And it comes in Large and XL, making sure that your cat’s behind, is covered. Not only that, they also make sizes for other types of pets that you may have in your family.