Dog Poncho - Beach House

$55.99 $30.00 -46%

Dog Poncho - Beach House

$55.99 $30.00 -46%

    Our new Pet Poncho is a lightweight and comfortable wraparound vest for your dog or cat! They are completely hand-woven from 100% organic cotton. Two adjustable velcro straps around the neck and chest make it a breeze to put on and take off! We've designed each one with a slot to connect your pet's leash to their collar without interfering with the Poncho.  Does your pet have anxiety or get nervous during storms? Our Ponchos can help by giving them a nice snug wrap to calm them. They're also great in cold weather by providing that little extra warmth they need!

    This Pet Poncho is machine washable, and made of a breathable and cool cotton that stays fresh for a long time. With continued use, the fabric feels softer and softer.


      • 100% Cotton

      • 100% Hand made

      • 100% Organic

      • Machine washable!

      • Perfect for a little extra warmth in cold months

    The sizes vary slightly because they are all hand made.