Sky Blue and White Cat Cave | Pet Bed

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Sky Blue and White Cat Cave | Pet Bed

Sold out
  • This is a cozy and comfortable bed for your cat handmade from natural wool. The wool is thick and the highest quality available. There is a lot of love put into each one to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy. Fits cats up to about 18 lbs. Walking Palm makes high quality cat caves that will last a lifetime. Stain resistant and easy to clean, just hand wash with soap and water and drip dry.

    FITS CATS AND SMALL DOGS UP TO 18 LBS - One size, because it’s the perfect size. We have designed our cat caves to be the best of both worlds.The cat cave has been perfected to make sure your cat is the most comfortable while adding a great accent to your home décor.

    MADE WITH LOVE FROM PREMIUM ORGANIC WOOL – Our cat caves are hand crafted with our partners in Nepal using 100% premium ethically sourced merino wool. You can see and feel the difference compared to our competitors. Our Nepalese artisans put a lot of love into making each one just for you and your furry friend!

    VERY EASY TO CLEAN – We know that your cats can be a bit messy. Our cat caves are easy to spot clean with a dash of soap of water. For dirt, dust and hair, vacuum gently. That’s it! We love that the merino wool our cat caves are made from offers natural properties to keep your pets cleaner, and smelling better. There is no need to use a washing machine!

    MORE THAN JUST A BED – You might notice that your cat loves the boxes that your last cat bed was delivered in more than that bed itself. You will find out quickly how this will become a play pen as well! It becomes a source of entertainment for play time with their favorite toys. It’s the cat cave that cats crave!

    PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE – We guarantee your cat will love our cave or we will refund 100% of your money. We have been making cat caves since 2012 and stand behind all of our products. You are in good hands with Walking Palm.


      Standard Size
      Width ~ 17-19 inches
      Height ~ 10-11 inches
      Hole ~ 7-9 inches

      Cutting hole larger - you can cut the hole larger for your cat if you wish just use a pair of sharp scissors.

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